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The DMU 80 eVo is constructed with a new gantry design.

It features a NC swivel rotary table with a traverse speed of 50 rpm in the B and C-axis. This table has a loading capacity of 600 kg.

It is integrated with a motor spindles with a power rate of 14,000 rpm, 18,000 rpm or 24,000 rpm. It comes with a tool magazine that is integrated with 30 pockets.

Number of axes: 5-axis

Spindle orientation: universal

Structure: gantry

Other characteristics: with linear motor

X travel: 800 mm
Y travel: 650 mm
Z travel: 550 mm

Rotational speed: 14000 rpm (87964.59 rad.min-1)

Power: Min: 25 W (0.03 hp); Max: 35 kW (46.94 hp)

6.94 hp)

Written by Brigitte